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A Cataplana is a traditional Portuguese dish and it is also the name of the pan it is cooked in.
Beautifully crafted in copper and lined with tin. A Cataplana is a MUST for any Kitchen

It has been described as anything from "a flying saucer" to "a pillow"! But the Cataplana, that strangely unique Algarve culinary device, makes a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

Almost anything can be cooked in a cataplana, chicken, meat, fish and vegetables as well as rice and pasta all of which can be seasoned with herbs to give a memorable meal!


The history of the Cataplana in Portugal is deeply rooted in tradition. In old times, a utensil made of zinc or wrought iron it was gradually adopted by the coppersmiths in the Algarve region, who today make it only in copper. Other versions are available in aluminium or stainless steel.

It has become a symbol of the Algarve region, rivalling even the other traditional symbols such as the almond trees in blossom or the typical chimneys.


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