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 Cataplanas altogether a healthier way to cook.

My Cataplana


  • 700 g clams
  • 750 g pork leg
  • salt
  • white wine
  • 30 g pork fat
  • 3 med. Onions
  • 2 med. green peppers
  • 3 large tomatoes
  • 2 slices thickly sliced bacon
  • ½ chouriço (country sausage)
  • 20 sprigs parsley
  • 4-5 cloves garlic
  • 30 g paprika
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 6 canned tomatoes with juice (2/3 of large cans)
  • 6 medium prawns
  • 5 g salt
  • 3 g pepper
  • 1.5 dl olive oil
  • 20 g. Butter

The Method

Wash shells of clams and place in salted water for a minimum of one hour to ensure all sand has been expelled.

Chop pork into small bite size chunks. Place in bowl. Salt well and mix with 1.5 dl wine.

Melt pork flat in a large frying pan over medium heat and add pork. Fry until browned. Set aside.

Clean and slice onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Chop bacon into small pieces chouriço (country sausage).

Wash parsley.

Lay one half of the tomatoes, onions, and green pepper in bottom and up sides of one half of the cataplana pan.

Place one half of the bacon and chouriço and 10 sprigs of parsley on the vegetables.

Add half the meat and half to the drained clams.

Clean and chop the garlic cloves.

Place garlic, paprika and bay leaf over the rest of ingredients in pan.

Chop half of the canned tomatoes and add.

Add balance of pork (with any juices left in the pan), chouriço, bacon, peppers, onion, fresh and canned tomatoes, and clams.

Place prawns on top with remaining parsley.

Add salt, pepper, olive oil, butter and 2.5dl wine to the top of the ingredients.

Close lid and secure hinges.

Place over high heat on the hob and bring to the boil,

reducing heat so that the liquid does not boil over the pan.

Cook approximately 10 minutes, until clams are open and green pepper and onion are cooked.

Serve with bread.

Separately cooked rice makes a nice accompaniment.

Pre-preparation: minimum 1 hour

Preparation: 45 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes


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